How is AJAM targeting young audiences?

So today I would like to analyze how AJAM has been targeting young audiences. First of all on the home page there is a section at the bottom entirely dedicated to gay rights. Statistics demonstrate that 3/4 of young people in America support gay rights, especially on the question marriage. If you click on the link,  there is a large amount of articles on the subject of gay and transgender rights. I am quite surprised since we are speaking of a news organization based in Quatar. Well, maybe it’s just me…

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 8.38.52 PM

Also the news agency has been featuring during the past month a large amount of articles on hackers, such as Anonymous,  as well as other articles on computer programs and geeks. The interesting thing is that many of these stories are in a long format, something that is not  normally associated with young people. Maybe AJAM is understanding that the assumption that young people do not read long articles is false. Young people, like most, will read what interests them. Computers and technology must be what AJAM expects it’s hip, smart and young audience to like.

Also the site offers a section, under long form,that is specifically for interactive features. Now, this section is very cool. It is an attempt to make news more interesting, and interactive, by inserting maps, graphs, pictures, audio and video. The pieces imitate the style and idea behind articles by the New York Times, such as Snowfall. The attempt is successful, if not for the fact that the article featured now, on spy gadgets, is rather boring.

Last but not least THE STREAM, that I have mentioned before in my previous post. Not only can you follow the conversation on news issues on most social media features, but also it provides a platform for dialogue with the audience, especially that YOUNG audience that is so key to AJAM’s success. The Twitter feed is OK, i’ll admit, but nothing as exiting as they advertise. On YouTube it is a little different, here is a sample of what the STREAM aims to do and achieve:

This is all for today. I will let you judge the efficiency of AJAM in attempting to reach a younger audience. In my opinion, the long form pieces are quite impressive and interesting, along with providing good news pieces for the web. Check this  one out, on a group of computer nerds in a basement, I really enjoyed it.


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