A Selfie Apocalypse?


A survey conducted by the Internet project at the Pew Research Center has opened our eyes to the trends of posting and sharing of pictures and videos online. The survey operates  a distinction between creators, that is people the create original content, that can be audio or video, and posts it on the Internet, and curators (sounds nice doesn’t it?) that is people who take already existing content from the web and post it somewhere else.

The survey shows that compared to 2012, where up to 56% of internet users where creators or curators, the number of people sharing and posting in 2013 has gone up to 62%. The distribution of creators is the following:


What is also interesting is that in all the categories women tend to be slightly ahead of men in regards to posting and creating pictures and videos, and that most of the curators and creators range between the age of 18 and 29. Up to 59% of women, posting photos and videos created by them, as opposed to the 50% of males who do the same.

The distribution of curators instead shows that 49% of women share and repost images already found online, while only 36% of men do the same. here is the distribution of curators according to Pew’s survey:


What might be also interesting 18 % of cell phone users use Instagram. Now here is my problem… The majority of internet creators and curators are women and they are doing most of the uploading, posting, reposting etc… What are they posting about?? A clue might be in the most popular hashtags on Instagram on January 2013:

  1. #Love
  2. #Instagood
  3. #Me

What interest me is number 3: Me. It might hint that the era of the Selfie has only just begun. Those of us that thought it to be just a phase, doomed to fade into nothingness, are up to are rude awakening. We all know that women take more Selfies than men (if you don’t believe me just look the hashtag on Instagram) and they seem to be doing a LOT of it. So prepare for duck lips and random bathroom interiors! The era of the Selfie has arrived! If it where not enough, the Music and fashion industries have taken a keen interest in this medium. The narcissistic tendencies of Instagrammers is not a surprise to anyone, and it might be increasing over time.



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